Competitions and rules - Do práce na kole

Competitions and rules

Bike to work competion you can compete in the following categories (in order to see the detailed rules for each category, click on the corresponding link):

    • Regular Team Activity – This is the main category. Your goal is to make your entire team ride / run / walk to work as often as possible in May. If you wish to enter the draw to win a non-cash prize, you have to ride a bike / run / walk at least 66 % of your journeys to work. For detailed rules click here.
    • Green Kilometres (performance) – category for district champions who like to push their bodies and cover (run / walk) miles and miles. You can´t win any prize, but it is fun (detailed rules here).
    • Running/Walking Performance – a variant of the above-mentioned category for pedestrians and runners (detailed rules here).
    • Bike Employer of the Year – This is a competition for companies who provide exemplary support to their employees in riding a bike / running / walking to work. Aside from each town organizing its own competition, we also designate a national winner. For detailed rules click here.
    • Bike City of the Year – we review the participating cities on the basis of a detailed questionnaire taking into account condition factors regarding  movement and feelings of cyclists, runners and pedestrians. Bike city of 2020 will be announced in June (detailed rules here).

Each town can make slight changes to the rules, so make sure you check which categories are applicable to your town.

If something about the rules still remains unclear, please write to us at

Please write your travel details by Saturday 3rd June till 23.59 in order to draw the winner, prepare certificates and wrap prizes for the closing parties.