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Basic information for companies

Last year, more than 2760 companies joined Bike to Work. Join them too! It is definitely worth it encouraging your employees to bike to work. Why?

  • you’ll save money – for parking spaces, company cars (maintenance, amortisation, petrol etc.), sick leave (because people who sport prove to be less sick), for teambuilding (because Bike to Work is a great way how to keep the team spirit up).
  • you and your employees will be happier – getting away from the work routine, encouraging the team spirit, better team communication and relationships, fun, play. Joining Bike to Work offers all this.
  • your employees will be more efficient – people who engage in sport activities are more fit and even think faster!
  • your employees will be proud of you – they will be proud of working for an employer who supports a good cause, who cares about the happiness of their employees as well as about the environment.
  • you will contribute to a better environment in your city – sure you want everybody to have a good life here. If more people go to work by any other means of transport than a car, we will breathe a cleaner air. The easiest way to contribute to this goal is encouraging your employees to join Bike to Work.
  • better image of your company/CR – your clients will surely appreciate it if they hear your name in connection with a nice and beneficial event. By joining the Bike to Work competition, you can both help your environment and boost the good name of your company.

How to support your employees and colleagues so that they join Bike to Work?

  • Promote the Bike to Work competition in your organization
  • As an employer pay the start fee for the competition participants by an invoice
  • Organize a company-wide competition and engage your company’s branches from the whole country
  • Improve the conditions for cycling to work and participate in the Cyclo-emloyer of the year competition

Promote the Bike to Work competition in your organization

It takes only one group email to your employees with an invitation to this year’s Bike to Work competition (registration until the end of April), an article in a newsletter or a small poster on a noticeboard. The more people will talk about the competition, the more will join.

Invoice the start fee for your employees

Support your employees in their active lifestyles and make a bulk payment for their start fee with an invoice. This can be done easily directly in the registration system. If you are participating in the competition too, ask for Company Coordinator settings in your profile. If you don’t participate, create a special Company Coordinator account.

Compete within your company as well as the country – organize a company-wide competition

Imagine that your employees get totally hooked up and all of them will want to bike to work. There is nothing more simple than to organize a company-wide competition! It’s perfect team building opportunity. If you are a big company, it is also a great opportunity to challenge the local branches. We will be happy to help you with organizing a company-wide competition. In order to do so, you need to become a Company Administrator (as a registered competition participant you can apply for special Company Administrator settings in your profile or, if you are not going to participate in the competition, create an independent Company Administrator account).

Get the Cyclo-employer of the year award

The Bike to Work competition has attracted over a thousand companies. Some of them offer better conditions for biking to work than others. The best ones can be awarded the Cyclo-employer of the year title. Bike racks, showers and pleasant facilities are a standard offering for their employees. Your company can also win the award, if at least one team signs up. Check out our guidelines for more information.

We’ve teamed up with good brands

All participants will receive a designer eco T-shirt thanks to Merchyou T-shirt printing service and GLS who will quickly deliver starter packs with T-shirts to all participants.

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