Company coordinator - Do práce na kole

Company coordinator

Do you want that the Bike to Work competition is enjoyed by as many of your employees as possible or even the whole company? All it takes is to nominate one good communicator in your company and make them a Company Coordinator who motivates the whole staff on an ongoing basis.

Company Coordinator is a role whose main purpose is to make a bulk payment for the start fee via an invoice.

  1. How to become a Company Coordinator?

If you are an active participant in the competition, choose “I want to become a Company Coordinator” when entering your registration details in the Start fee section. We will get in touch with you and approve your application.

If you don’t want to participate in the competition (e.g. you are an accountant and you just need an invoice), you can register here.

  1. How to make the start fee payment on behalf of colleagues and download an invoice?

    1. Let your employees know that the company will pay the start fee for them and ask them to select “Employer is paying for me“ in the Start fee section in their profile upon signing up.

    2. You will approve each application in the Company Administration section. At this moment, an order for a starter pack with a T-shirt is created (we don’t wait for the invoice but send the T-shirt sooner).

    3. Once all colleagues have applied and you’ve approved them, you can generate an invoice with a 14-day due date directly in your profile.

  1. Monitor results on an ongoing basis and motivate your colleagues

The Company Coordinate has access to the Bike to Work system where you can monitor how your employees and teams are getting on. The Coordinator can also announce any company-wide competition, and the system will deliver the results.

If you are unsure about anything, send us an email: