Bike to School - Do práce na kole

Bike to School

The Bike to School Challenge runs from May 1 to 31 as part of the May Challenge, and the goal is to motivate as many students as possible to use a bicycle, scooter or any sustainable form of transportation, including running and walking, as a means of transportation around the city.

Who is the challenge for?

To Bike to School is a nationwide challenge for students aged 16 and over. Younger students and college students may participate with parental consent. It is a team challenge for everyone who forms a team of a minimum of two and a maximum of five members and regularly rides a bike, scooter, walk or run to school with their classmates during May.


How to participate in the May challenge?

1. Get a student discount

Students are registered by teachers via a form. Just fill in the details, send and we will get back to you. We will confirm the information and issue you a voucher for a 60% discount on the entry fee. The student(s) then enter the code from the voucher when registering for the May challenge Bike to work, walk or jog.

You can find a sample legal representative consent and cover letter here.

2. Register for the challenge

Each participant creates a profile in our system. You apply the discount code and join the tens of thousands of active people from all over the country who travel sustainably around their city or between cities throughout the month of May.

3. Put on the participant t-shirt and enjoy the T-shirt Promotions

As part of the registration for the May challenge, you can choose whether and what kind of participant t-shirt you want. In addition to the t-shirts from 2024 and 2023, you can choose a neckerchief or socks. With a t-shirt, neckerchief, socks or by showing the application, you can enjoy the T-shirt Promotions (Akce na triko), interesting offers and discounts by our local partners in participating cities. At the same time, enjoy the good feeling of being involved in supporting the development of cycling infrastructure in your city.

4. Ride, walk or run

All month long, go to and from school, to a cafe or a visit by bike, scooter, skate, stroller, longboard or walk or run. You can combine the mentioned methods as you like during the challenge. For example, you can ride a bike on Monday and Wednesday, walk on Tuesday, run on Thursday and arrive on a longboard on Friday.

5. Record your journeys, track the performance of others and win interesting prizes

Record your rides in the system where you registered. Thanks to this, you can monitor the percentage of the regularity of both you and the whole team, as well as the kilometres you have already accumulated. In each city, we draw winners of interesting prizes from the teams that met more than 66% regularity.

Do you want to involve under 16s?

For the involvement of students under the age of 16, we recommend obtaining written parental consent. This is mainly about compliance with the GDPR law. Male and female students should report to Do práce na bike, where basic personal data must be entered, with the knowledge of a legal representative.

A consent form for the participation of under-16s can be downloaded HERE.

You can find frequently asked questions about the Bike to School challenge HERE.