FAQ Bike to School - Do práce na kole

FAQ Bike to School

We have compiled a set of the most frequently asked questions and their answers for you. Before contacting us, please see if you can find the answer here. On this page you will find only the most frequently asked questions for To school by bike; if you are looking for answers to questions about the May challenge in general, you will find them here.

How to involve our school?

First, you need to fill out a short form, on the basis of which we will contact you and complete the necessary details. Then students can register in the Bike to Work system. To get the discount, they need to know the code that we will send to the representative of the school.

What does the code look like and how do we get it?

After filling out the questionnaire and the phone call, we will send you a PDF by e-mail. There will be two codes: the first for school staff and the second for school student(s). You will then distribute the code to students and school staff. After that, it is enough to select the option “I want to redeem a voucher” in the registration system and enter the 8-digit code.

Can I also use the discount for school employees?

The 60% discount is intended only for students, for employees there is a 10% discount on the starting fee from the 2nd wave of registrations, i.e. from 1. 3. You enter the number of discounts you want for employees in one of the fields in the short form. A condition for the possibility of drawing a discount for school staff is also the involvement of pupils and students.

How does the discount work?

When registering in the fourth step, you enter “I want to redeem a voucher”. After entering the code, the discount will be deducted and you can pay either by card, transfer, or via the company coordinator.

How does payment through the company coordinator work?

If the starting fee will be paid by the employer, it is necessary to enter the type of payment “The contribution is paid for me by the employer” during registration. Then it is up to the company coordinator to approve your payment and have an invoice generated.

Students can also use this method of payment if, for example, you collect money from them in advance and the school will then pay. Or, on the contrary, the students register and then you withdraw the money (see below “How to organize the payment of students”).

How to organize the payment of students? What are the options?

There are two options:
1. Each student pays the entry fee by himself/herself using a discount code for students.
They enter the code, the discount is deducted and they pay the rest via card or bank transfer (for younger students with the help of a parent).

2. The second option is to withdraw money in advance and pay for students centrally
When registering, students then select the type of payment “My employer pays for me” and use the discount code. The student does not pay anything directly at that moment, they register in the Bike to Work system, choose a T-shirt, and complete the registration. The system will then send a notification to approve the participation of the person in the account directly to the company coordinator. They approve their participation and then have an invoice generated for them to pay.

Who is the corporate coordinator? What is it needed for? How can I become him/her?

The corporate coordinator confirms payments for employees and students and manages the profile of the organization and its branches. In addition, he is in charge of coordinating shipments and taking over participant T-shirts. (More on the question “How to ensure that the T-shirt arrives in order”).

You can become a coordinator as follows: If you have not yet paid a participation fee, select the option “I want my employer to pay for me” in the fourth step of registration, where you should be offered the opportunity to become a company coordinator. If you have already paid, please contact our user support at e-mail: kontakt@dopracenakole.cz.

How to ensure that the t-shirt arrives in good condition?

It is necessary for someone from the school staff to become the corporate coordinator.

How to do it?

If you have not yet paid the participation fee, select the option “I want my employer to pay for me” in the fourth step of registration and you should be offered the opportunity to become a company coordinator. In the Branches section, you set the address of the school and the contact of the person who will take over the T-shirts. You will then distribute the t-shirts to students and teachers. T-shirts go out all at once after the end of a given wave of orders, they are packed according to teams (see page T-shirts and entry fees).

If you have already paid*, please contact our user support by e-mail: firmy@dopracenakole.cz, or by telephone at +420 234 697 800, Mon-Fri 10:00-15:00.