T-shirts and participation fee - Do práce na kole

T-shirts and participation fee

Registration for the May challenge Bike to Work  2024 has opened on February 1.

The first wave of packages with participant t-shirts, neckbands or socks will be sent out after the closing of the first wave, i.e. at the beginning of March.

1st wave | 1-29 February 2024 | 430 CZK | dispatch of packages 4.-12. March 2024
2nd wave | 1 March – 2 April 2024 | 480 CZK | dispatch of packages 3.-16. April 2024
3rd wave| 1-16 April 2024 | 500 CZK | dispatch of packages 17-30. April 2024
4th wave | April 17-30 | 550 CZK | dispatch of packages 2.-10. May 2024

If you want to support urban cycling and sustainable mobility in general, you can also use the beneficial entry fee: 750 CZK.

Shipping of starting packages

For ecological reasons, we consolidate starting packages including T-shirts and send them to the address of the company or branch in bulk, always after the end of the current wave of registrations. It may happen that you receive the T-shirt, for example, after a month and a half after registration.

We send the t-shirts in one package to the address you entered during registration. On the cover of the starting package, the names of all the members of your team approved so far by the company coordinator will be listed. Thanks to GLS, one of the participants from the company/branch, who must be set by the company coordinator, will be informed about the delivery of the package in advance via SMS and will be able to change the place and time of delivery.

You or your company coordinator must always approve the registered participants before the end of the wave. That’s the only way participants will get their T-shirt on time – it will leave the warehouse in the given wave. If you are not sure how your T-shirt is doing, contact your company coordinator.

T-shirt of May challenge 2024


A t-shirt made of organic cotton and with an ecological print from MERCHYOU will be given to each participant registered in the May Challenge, and brought to you by GLS. Please select your size according to the dimensions listed in the size chart below. We recommend washing the T-shirt inside out at 30 °C and do not put it in the dryer.

Size charts

If you are not sure which size to choose, check the size charts. (Dimensions are given in centimetres).

Women’s T-shirt

Attention, in 2024 we are switching (for reasons on the manufacturer’s side) to a new T-shirt cut.
Please check your size carefully.


Please choose the appropriate size according to the table, we do not change the sizes of the t-shirts for logistical reasons. Thank you for your understanding.
(We only change the size if you receive a different size than the one you chose.) Try to exchange inappropriately chosen T-shirts in the company with colleagues or on Facebook groups according to your city.


Neck Gaiter

Fancy protecting your neck from bad weather in style? This year you can choose a competition neck gaiter instead of a T-shirt. This will, like the T-shirt, serve as a free ticket to the T-shirt Event. Ecological printing of T-shirts and neck gaiter is provided by Merchyou printers.



Do you want to add a bicycle first aid kit to your equipment? Do you like stylish socks? Take a look at the offer in the AutoMat benefit e-shop.

If you are going to Akce na triko, apply this year:

  • t-shirts from the May challenge 2023 and 2024,
  • socks,
  • neckwarmer
  • or you can prove yourself with an active profile and routes in the Bike to Work system or the Bike to Work application.

You can visit T-shirt events both in the city under which you are registered for the May challenge and in other cities. With team members or other colleagues and friends, you can, for example, go out for coffee or ice cream for a T-shirt.