Cycloemployer of the year - Do práce na kole

Cycloemployer of the year

During its existence, thousands of companies signed up to the To work by bike, walk or trot challenge. A number of them and their employees try to provide better conditions for transportation to work by bicycle, on foot or by jogging (e.g. racks, showers, changing rooms and other pleasant facilities). A good background in the company is essential for many people in deciding whether to ride a bike.

Your company can also get the title

If at least one team signs up for the challenge and if your employees fill out the questionnaire, which they will find in the Bike to Work system in May. Companies that have received it in previous years can also apply for the title. They can win it once every 3 years.

Year 2023

KCK Cyklosport-Mode, s.r.o. was awarded the title of Cycling Employer of the Czech Republic. from Zlín. In addition to the title of Cyclist Employer of the Year 2023, the company received a professional workshop on the topic of sustainable transport and urban cycling from the AutoMat association for its employees, as well as an annual Cyclist Employer license from Partnershipství, o.p.s.

In total, 17 companies received the title of Cyclist Employer in their city.


Year 2022

The year 2022 was dominated by the Brno research center CEITEC BUT from Brno.

In total, we awarded the Cyklozaměstnavatele title to 14 companies.



Year 2021

In 2021, the ÚJV Řež Group succeeded. Read more in the interview or in the report from the meeting about the infrastructure there.


Bicycle employers in past years

2020: Oltis Group a.s.
2019: Secondary School of Services, Business and Gastronomy, Hradec Králové
2018: Decasport s.r.o., Liberec
2017: E&Y, Prague
2016: Continental Barum
2015: HoneywellAerospace Olomouc s.r.o.

How to apply?

Any employer entity can apply through its involved employees. Registration for the Cyklozaměstnavatel title takes place by sending answers to the questionnaire, which participants will find in their profile from mid-May. The questionnaire evaluates the measures by which the employer supports its employees in commuting to work by bicycle. The more answers you collect for the company, the better.

If the competing entity has multiple branches or facilities (locations) that are the place of work of employees, each such branch or facility is evaluated as a separate participating entity within the framework of the call.


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