September Challenge - Do práce na kole

SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE Bike to Work, walk or trot 2023 took place from Monday 11 September to Sunday 24 September.

Individuals and companies can join next year, and they will support their employees by paying the entry fee.

We are organizing the September challenge in support of the European Mobility Week, and its aim is to remind people after the summer that it is possible to travel to work without harmful emissions, tire dust and noise all year round. Abroad, it is common to ride a bike and walk in autumn and winter, not just in summer. At the same time, the challenge motivates us to be active even after the holidays.



How to do it?


You can join from anywhere in the Czech Republic. Unlike the May monthly challenge To work by bike, you register for the September challenge as an individual (ie not in a team). Companies can also involve their employees in the September challenge – by paying the entry fee for their colleagues.

Register, pay the entry fee, fill out your web profile and don’t forget to tick the box for Cyklonoviny (our newsletter) to enter the prize draw.

At the same time, as a thank you for your support, you will receive a voucher for the AutoMat benefitial e-shop from us (you can use it for purchases over CZK 199, postage must be paid). If you want to support the topic of urban cycling and sustainable transport in the Czech Republic, you can also choose a beneficial entry fee.


Ride, walk or run

For two weeks in September, ride to and from work on a bicycle, scooter, skate, longboard, or walk or run. You can combine the mentioned methods as you like during the challenge. For example, you can ride a bike on Monday and Wednesday, walk on Tuesday, run on Thursday, and arrive at work on a longboard on Friday.

Record your journeys

Record your journeys in your profile or via the mobile application – you automatically compete in the Regularity category.

The routes recorded via the Do práce na bike, STRAVA and Cyclers mobile applications will be used as data for traffic analysis in cities for the purpose of improving cycling infrastructure.

Subscribe to our newsletter, get discounts and win prizes

From all participants of the challenge who will be subscribers of Cyklonoviny – newsletter Bike to Work on the day of evaluation of the challenge (subscription can be subscribed during registration or later in the account settings) and meet the percentage of regularity above 66%, we will draw winners who they will receive prizes from our partners or an entry fee for the 2024 Bike to Work May challenge.

In addition, as a thank you for supporting the Bike to Work project, you will receive a discount of CZK 150 on the purchase of anything from our benefit e-shop. The discount applies to orders over 199 CZK and postage must be paid.