FAQ - Do práce na kole


Frequently asked questions

Have you come across some difficulties with the Bike to Work competition? Considering the number of years the festival has been held for and the number of its participants, it is very likely that a similar problem has already been dealt with by someone else. Therefore we have compiled for you a list of the most frequently asked questions with their responses. Before you decide to contact us, please check whether the answer to your question can be found below.

Basic rules of the competition

(Regularity and performance, teams, organization, competition rules)

Is it possible to switch between the ways of getting to work? I. e. cycle on Monday, run on Tuesday, go by bus on Wednesday and walk for the rest of the week?
Yes, the ways of commuting can be changed according to your liking. For each journey there is a dropbox to choose from in the record of the bike rides.

I would like to run to work, but I have not found an appropriate field in the form to fill in.
For every journey to work you can select your way of travel in a particular checkbox in your profile.

Can I also apply from abroad?
Yes. You just need to register yourself with a Czech address (this is the address that we will also  deliver your starting package and T-shirt to – unfortunately, we do not ship abroad.) You can  join your friend, for example – a colleague in the Czech Republic – join his team and the T-shirt would be delivered to the address of his team. Then you can ride and record your rides (hence, compete) anywhere.

Suppose someone works only a couple of days a week (for example part-time – Mondays and Tuesdays), would it be possible to make a note of it, so the “missing rides“ for Wed-Fri when the person does not work would not count? And similarly, if I had a day off, would it be possible to record it somewhere, so I would not miss two rides in the particular day? How is the result actually calculated?
On the days you will not go to work, you will check the field “no ride“ in the rides calendar (this will be displayed after the competition has started). These days  are then not involved in the computation of a regularity percentage. The same thing goes for holidays – you will mark that you do not go to work at all.

Is it true that on top of the standard cycle route home-work other daily rides may be counted in?
Primarily, kilometres from home to work and back (alternatively routes between workplaces) are counted in the competition. This year (2020) on behalf of the coronaviral situation all journeys made without a help of a motor (except e-bikes) can be counted too.

The system is showing a lower regularity percentage than I actually have.
To reach a 100% regularity score, the participant must carry out at least 28 one-way routes by himself. If the participant does not work on one of the days, this day is not calculated in the percantage provided that the participant has made at least the 28 one-way routes as mentioned above. So if the participant, especially at the beginning of the competition, takes more days off, the system increases the number of potential rides proportionally to the minimal number of days with the rides carried out. At the end of the competition everything balances out, so the best solution here is patience.

Can I participate with my electrobike?
Yes. We support electrobikes – especially in hilly towns, where they can be really helpful. Nevertheless, it would not be fair to the others on classic bikes to claim a place in the Performance category. Since we are unable to verify this, we are going to rely on your integrity:-).


Where in the registration form should I choose a way in which I am planning on commuting to work?
Your way of commuting can be selected right in the form in your profile where you register the bike rides. For every day you can choose a particular means of transport.

May I register myself or even a team independently or only on an employer?
You can register yourself independently as well, you simply make an organization up:).

I am a student and I commute to school daily. Is the competition meant only for employees?
No, anyone can join in. But this year there is a particular event for students called Bike to School.

I am on my own and do not know who could ride with me. May I enter the competition as an individual?
Yes, but teams with one member are not involved in the actual team competitions, so the main category “Regularity“ will not concern you. However, be aware that you may invite absolutely anyone to join your team (family, friends…) – they do not have to be going to the same branch, they actually do not even have to be from the same town (you would choose one common town). You can also find a mate for your team on Facebook groups Bike to Work for individual towns.


Bike to Work System

(registration system, personal profile and password, ride recording, results etc.)

Where can I record my rides? Where will I find the ride calendar?
The rides table will be displayed to you on your web profile once the competition has started.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
Have a new one generated.

The link for resetting my forgotten password does not work, what now?
Try it a few more times (or wait a while), make sure you are signing in with the right e-mail (perhaps you have more e-mail addresses) or check the spam folder. If none of this works, contact us.

I have not managed to record my rides from last week. Is there any chance I can do it additionally?
It is possible to record rides 8 days backwards. That means that for example on Thursday you can record your rides from the previous Thursday, but not from Wednesday anymore.


Trouble with applications and ride recording

If you have linked the application correctly to the system Bike to Work  (dpnk.dopracenakole.cz) and despite that there are no rides displayed in your profile, consider the following solutions to the problem:

– do not forget to forward information about every journey (instructions for recording of the journeys),
– try the problematic function more times, with some time intervals (the servers might be down),
– go through the settings in the application and make sure that all the data is correct (how to do it).
– you have more registrations in the system (with different e-mail addresses), the rides are being recorded under a different user  – link the application to the right account, or let us know – we will fix it,

If none of the offered solutions has helped, please, write to us again, or call us on 212 240 666. Write as much information in your e-mail as possible – add printscreen, detailed description, etc.