Why to join in - Do práce na kole

Why to join in

Bike to Work is: 

  • nationwide May challenge, which runs every year from May 1 to 31
  • shorter weekly challenges – January Challenge (1 week) and September Challenge (2 weeks) within the European Mobility Week
  • non-traditional team building with colleagues and across companies and teams
  • motivating employees in a playful way to try commuting to work sustainably: by bike, skateboard, on foot, running, …
  • motivating companies to support their employees in the idea of ​​leaving their cars at home – e.g. by creating the necessary facilities (stands, changing rooms, showers, …)
  • an opportunity for companies to improve their ESG reporting

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What the challenge will bring to your business

  • You will support the idea of ​​sustainable transport. Sustainable transport has a definite impact on the environment through the reduction of the amount of emitted pollutants. Participants in the May 2023 challenge saved 739 tons of CO2.
  • You will strengthen relationships between colleagues across the entire company.
  • You motivate an active lifestyle – you support the physical and mental health of your employees, you reduce their sickness.
  • You will be perceived as more ecological, more considerate, fairer, and at the same time as an active company full of energy.
  • As part of the May challenge, you can compete for the title of Cyclist Employer of the Year. Get inspired, for example, in the interview to Cyklozaměstnavatel 2021.
  • More and more people are interested in the possibility of cycling to work. The activity of the company as well as the employer’s relationship to cycling becomes one of the factors when choosing a job.

Normal people cycle to work – professionals in their field, not necessarily in cycling.

Additional information



Do you have a question or do you want to become partners of the challenge? Contact us.

E-mail: firmy@dopracenakole.cz
Line for company coordinators: +420 234 697 800
The telephone line’s operating hours are: Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m