May challenge - Do práce na kole

Accept the May challenge and contribute to a record number of participants

The May Bike to Work challenge takes place throughout May (from 1 to 31 May), when participants travel to work, shopping, visiting, with their children to school by bicycle, scooter, skateboard, inline skates, walking or trotting. In 2023, 25,621 participants from more than 2,500 companies took part in the challenge, in 52 cities! Will we be able to break the record?

Participants form teams of 2 to 5 people with colleagues or friends, or sign up as individuals and move sustainably, emission-free, around the city or between cities during May. We know from the feedback that a large part of the participants of the challenge will stay with sustainable transport even after the end of the challenge.

Registration has opened on February 1, 2024.

Why go for it?

  • You will support your physical and mental well-being.
  • The challenge is about the team. You will get to know your colleagues in a different and better way, and you will have a lot of fun together. For example, if you go to one of the T-shirt Events together
  • You will save fuel costs.
  • You will reduce CO2 emissions, noise and tire dust, and contribute to a better environment in the city.
  • With a sustainable way to and from work, you help nature and the planet.
  • Maybe thanks to the challenge you will get to know your city in a different way.
  • The journey data you enter into the system during the challenge will help in the planning of the new safe infrastructure.

For 75% of the participants pay the entry fee for the challenge their employer.
Talk to each other at work about the entry fee for the challenge and build a team.

How to do it?

Ask around in your company

It’s better in a team, but it can also be done “on your own shirt”. If you are more of a soloist, register right away. But if you want to enjoy the challenge with your colleagues, first ask the management if they will join the event and reimburse you the entry fee (as well as 79% of the participants). And then you can start arranging dream teams. You can use our marketing package to convince management or colleagues.

Anyone can take part in the challenge, be it an employee, self-employed, pensioner, student or pupil – there is Bike to School for them.


From February you can register, fill out your web profile and join your team. Pay the registration fee and then, after approval by the company coordinator and at the end of the given wave of registrations, you can expect your start package including a participant t-shirt with the theme of the year. You can join from anywhere in the Czech Republic.

Ride and walk

Throughout May, ride to and from work on a bicycle, scooter, skates, wheelchair, longboard, or walk or run. You can also combine the mentioned methods with public transport during the challenge. For example, you can ride a bike on Monday and Wednesday, walk on Tuesday, run on Thursday, and arrive at work on a longboard on Friday.

Record your journey

Record your journeys in your profile, by uploading GPX files or via the mobile app – you automatically compete in the Team Regularity category.

The routes recorded via the Do práce na bike, STRAVA and Cyclers mobile applications will be used as data for traffic analysis in cities in order to improve cycling infrastructure.

Subscribe to our newsletter nad win prizes

Participating teams who, on the day of the evaluation of the challenge, are subscribers to the Cyklonoviny newsletter (you can sign up for the subscription during registration or later in the account settings) and meet a percentage of regularity above 66%, will be included in a draw for prizes from our partners, the winner and we then announce the winners in several categories.

Enjoy Akce na triko events

T-shirt Promotions are also part of the challenge. In each city, the organizers of the challenge, together with partners, are preparing special offers or events that you can take advantage of when you show yourself with a t-shirt (from the years 2022, 2023 or 2024), a neckband, socks or a profile in the system or in the Bike to Work application.

You can enjoy, for example, breakfast for cyclists, coffee, ice cream or muffin on a t-shirt, or perhaps a discount on the goods of the challenge partner. In all cities there is an announcement of the results or a closing party where the participants and participants of the May Challenge meet. You can find information about t-shirt events in the main menu of this website in the Cities section.