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For companies

E-mail suggestions (how to address your employees)

Suggestion for the first e-mail addressing your employees – the e-mail should be sent at the beginning of February

Subject: Sign up for the Bike to Work challenge!

Bike to Work is a countrywide competition. All you need to do is put together a 2 to 5-member team, register yourselves by the end of April on (each contestant should be registered separately) and during May commute to and from work on a bike, scooter, skate, or wheelchair, walk or run as regularly as possible.

The morning workout will keep you in good form and your brain cells will be grateful to you (as will be our town) as the oxygenation helps them think more clearly. That is also the reason why …..(fill in your company name) will pay your starting fee (alternatively pay the starting fee to everyone who registers themselves by the end of February, or pays the starting fee to the first X people registered, etc. – it depends on what you prefer). So during the registration, please check the box with the option “Starting fee is paid by the employer.“

All participants will receive contest T-shirts made of bio cotton or practical neck warmers – both with an original Bike to Work logo. The best ones can look forward to great rewards such as bikes, scooters, package holidays, or tickets to various sports and cultural events (+you can add your idea – for instance Everyone who cycles or walks to work at least ten times during May will receive from us special…bike lights, jerseys, bells, …anything you can think of).

Registration is possible from the 1st  of February. It is also the most advantageous to apply in February, so do not hesitate (supposing you do not pay the starting fee to your employees).

We look forward to your mileage and mainly your smiles!


Suggestion for the second – “reminding“  – e-mail to the employees – to be sent around the 15th of April

Subject: Just X days remaining until the registration closes!

Slowly but surely the Bike to Work challenge is approaching… In total XX people from our company have registered. We are very happy about that! And those of you who still have not decided, apply and join us for the ride!

Those of you who do wish to join our teams this year and win many lovely prizes (you can add in particular prizes which you can think of in your company) register for the competition as soon as possible, by the end of April at the very latest. The website for registration is Whoever manages to do this in time, will have their starting fee covered by the company (during registration simply check the option “Starting fee will be paid by my employer.“).

Fearless teams such as … (write names of the teams you have so far) are already brushing up on their tactics. Do not let them shame you in your department (with your colleagues, in your office,…). Put a team together and show them you are ready to accept the challenge! Whatmore, all the participants may look forward to special offers (see such as breakfast for free, special offers “on the T-shirt“ etc.

Most importantly, it is going to be fun, so let’s get started!

Suggestion for a text for your business partners, contractors, customers, and possibly even competitors (you can challenge them to a duel:))

Subject: Be proud that your employees cycle to work and use it to bolster your PR.

Boast it on your company‘s Facebook page or website. (During February, March, and April add the call for registration and a corresponding web link).

You can also invite your business partners, customers, contractors …to join in the competition. Send them an e-mail with a nice picture of your company team and for example the following text:

“Ride your bike to work with us! Last year more than XX of our employees enjoyed this great event and we heartily recommend it to everyone. It is not just fun, but also an ideal way to improve relationships among employees, help them get fit, and get a good feeling about themselves. In a way, you will also help protect the environment. At …(your company name) we are proud to support the Bike to Work competition.

Join us this year!

We look forward to our ride together!

For more information see“

Motivational e-mails to be sent during the competition

Inform your employees about all events which are being planned within the Bike to Work competition and motivate the teams by announcing continuous results. Example of communication: 

“So far the continuous regularity chart has been ruled by team… with a 100% regularity, followed by team….with an X% success rate.

When it comes to the mileage, there has been no competition for Mr. XX from team XX so far with unbelievable XX kilometers. Trying to catch up with him is Mr. XX from team XX with XX kilometers. Sadly we have seen no results from team XX, four members of which have not taken their bike to work once!…“